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PSI celebrates World Whistleblowers Day

23 June 2017
Friday 23 June 2017 is World Whistleblowers’ Day. This day draws the world’s attention to the tremendous and fearless work of those who decide to denounce dishonest corporations and public officials, and who get fired, threatened, jailed or even killed in return. It also reminds us of the work ahead to ensure their protection.

A key aspect of PSI’s campaign against corruption is the protection of whistleblowers. Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, has recalled many times that

“Corruption undermines the funding of public services, transparency, and the credibility of governments. Corruption leads to less prosperity, fewer jobs, less rights, and we will never win the battle against corruption if we cannot protect the workers who stand up against it!”

In 2016, PSI worked successfully towards the inclusion of a reference to the protection of whistleblowers and the need to fight corruption in the conclusions of several ILO tripartite documents, such as the ILO response to the refugee crisis, and the ILO Guidelines on Fair Recruitment. Fighting corruption is also strongly embedded in the 2030 Agenda. Protecting whistleblowers should therefore be part of the SDG indicators.

On this occasion, PSI is proud to present the Russian version of its 2016 report  Checkmate to corruption: Making the case for a wide-ranging initiative on whistleblower protection, which highlights the issues surrounding whistleblowing and calls for a robust whistleblower protection framework to shield workers fighting corruption.

PSI wishes to thank and congratulate all whistleblowers for what they have done and will do. We owe our support to whistleblowers!

Show your support and send messages using #WWBD2017 on social media!

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