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Public Funding/Tax Justice

The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing rapidly. In many countries, the richest 1% pay less tax than everyone else. Profitable multinational corporations use loopholes and tax havens to avoid paying their share. Around the world, inequality is growing. A taxation system based on fairness and ability to pay is the first step in reversing this attack on the middle class.

Robin Hood Campaign to join AIDS mobilization

22 July 2012

Public Services International – advocating for fair taxation to fund public services such as health care – will be represented as part of our Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign along with other Robin Hood Tax supporters in a high profile AIDS mobilisation in Washington DC, Tuesday 23 July.

Rio+20 Working for a sustainable world

16 July 2012
Four people with Robin Hood Tax hats and posters

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Public Services International engaged in a number of activities at Rio:

A Financial Transactions Tax for the future we want

09 July 2012
Robin Hood Tax logo

Rio de Janeiro – 22 June 2012:

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as RIO+20, has taken place at a critical moment. The G20, meeting almost simultaneously, has not shown enough collective will by the world’s major economies to resolve the economic and financial turmoil we face. Member states of the European Union are facing a crucial test of their leadership in overcoming the financial and debt crisis. They are being called to choose whether or not to adopt a FTT for human and sustainable development. A positive answer could lead to a fairer and more sustainable future for the EU and contribute to sustainable human development worldwide.

Interview with Peter Waldorff on the European finance crisis' influence on trade unions and on the public sector

03 July 2012
Peter Waldorff

PSI General Secretary Peter Waldorff gives an interview on the European finance crisis' influence on trade unions and on the public sector.

Rio +20: Unions raising their voices for decent green jobs

21 June 2012

An international delegation of 15 PSI delegates joined Brazilian affiliate members at the Trade Union Assembly in Rio - raising their voices for decent green jobs supported in part by the implementation of a financial transactions tax.

Robin Hood comes to town

18 June 2012
A couple  holding Robin Hood Tax posters and wearing Robin Hood caps

National Nurses United is kicking off an America-wide campaign to tax Wall Street, with the first stop at JPMorgan Chase, the latest national symbol of the Wall Street excess that has harmed so many communities and families.

A Robin Hood Tax for a sustainable world

15 June 2012
Robin Hood tax logo

Uma Taxa Robin Hood por um mundo sustentável


Public Services International is co-hosting this event in Rio on Tuesday, 19th June 2012.

Tuesday 19 June / Terça-feira 19 de Junho / Martes 19 de Junio

9h30-11h30 Workshop! Oficina! Taller!
People’s Summit / Cúpula dos Povos  
Sindicato do Bancarios
Avenida Presidente Vargas 502
21st Andar/Floor Auditorio, Centro Rio de Janeiro