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Public Funding/Tax Justice

The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing rapidly. In many countries, the richest 1% pay less tax than everyone else. Profitable multinational corporations use loopholes and tax havens to avoid paying their share. Around the world, inequality is growing. A taxation system based on fairness and ability to pay is the first step in reversing this attack on the middle class.

Robin Hood Tax arrives for the common good in Europe

15 May 2014

Public Services International welcomes the landmark news that 10 EU countries have agreed to introduce a financial transactions tax (FTT), also known as a Robin Hood Tax. PSI and our affiliates are proud to be working with civil society allies at the forefront of the global movement for tax justice, which includes campaigning for the FTT to end poverty and inequality by funding quality public services.

Working for the many - public services fight inequality

07 April 2014

The UK-based NGO Oxfam has published a 26-page booklet "Working for the many," that calls on governments to urgently reform tax systems and increase public spending on free public services, such as health and education, to tackle inequality and prevent us being tipped irrevocably into a world that works for the few, not the many.

French Presidency responds to PSI call for FTT

04 April 2014
French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Following the publication of PSI's open letter to French President François Holland and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, PSI has received the following response from the French President's office:

Africa rising?

03 March 2014
Africa Rising?

Inequalities and the essential role of fair taxation

This new report investigates income inequality in eight sub-Saharan African countries (Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.)

Video: Why we need a tax justice campaign in Ghana

21 February 2014

Watch this inspiring two minute video interview about the need for a tax justice campaign in Ghana, with Bernard Adjei, Deputy General Secretary, Public Service Workers Union (PSWU TUC).

PSI unions: We need tax justice to end inequality

21 February 2014
PSI affiliates plan tax justice campaign in Ghana: Reynolds Ofosu Tenkorang, Deputy General Secretary, Health Services Workers’ Union (HSWU), Emilia Codjoe, Ghana Registered Nurses Association (GRNA), Bernard Adjei, Deputy General Secretary, Public Service Workers Union (PSWU).

Public Services International was invited to participate in the Global Fiscal Justice Forum co-sponsored by Tax Justice Network-Africa, Make Tax Fair, International Tax Compact, and OXFAM, 4-8 Feb 2014 in Accra, Ghana.

PSI Ghana affiliate union leaders attended the discussions representing the Public Services Workers' Union of TUC (PSWU), Health Services Workers' Union of TUC (HSWU), and Ghana Registered Nurses' Association (GRNA).

On behalf of PSI and the Council of Global Unions’ Quality Public Services campaign, PSI’s communications coordinator Teresa Marshall was a guest speaker on global campaign planning and collaboration opportunities.

PSI calls for an FTT: RadioLabour interview with PSI General Secretary

20 February 2014
Rosa Pavanelli FTT

PSI is calling for the implementation of a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT). PSI's General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, describes the FTT and how it would apply in Europe in an interview on RadioLabour.