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Migration and Refugees

In many countries, skilled health and social care workers feel they must leave their families behind and work abroad to earn a decent income. They brave exploitation and discrimination. And their departure weakens health and social services in their home community. PSI works with unions worldwide to protect migrant workers and to improve the quality of health and social services. Read more

Migration Civil Society Days in Mauritius

06 June 2012
Wall and beach

The Civil Society Days of the annual Global Forum on Migration and Development will be held in Mauritius in November.

Global Unions campaign for migrant workers' rights

31 May 2012

During the 101st International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland from May 30 to June 15, Public Services International, Building and Wood Workers' International, Education International and the International Trade Union Confederation will highlight the important contributions of migrant workers through the “Without Us” poster that will be depicted in one of the public trams operated by the in Geneva public transport group.

18 December 2011 – International Day for Migrants’ Rights

18 December 2011
PSI activists and civil society organizations rally for Migrants’ Rights and Qua

Today, as we commemorate International Migrants Day, we amplify our call to defend decent work and quality public services for all, so that for every worker, migration will only become a choice, and not a dire necessity.

Fifth Global Forum on Migration and Development

11 December 2011

PSI activists joined the trade union delegation to the Fifth Global Forum on Migration and Development Civil Society Days and parallel events that took place in Geneva on 29 November to 2 December 2011. Working on the theme Taking Action on Labour Migration, Development and the Protection of Migrant Workers and their Families, PSI, together with the ITUC and the Global Union Federations, joined forces with civil society organizations in questioning governments for their lack of leadership in addressing the exodus of migrants from North Africa, the rising xenophobia, and the failure to apply the rights-based normative framework embodied in the UN and ILO Conventions to deal with migration flows.

Labour Migration is a Decent Work Issue

28 November 2011

A 40-member strong delegation of trade unionists will participate in three related events: the Fifth Global Forum on Migration and Development Civil Society Days, the Global Unions Forum on Migration and the People’s Global Action on Migration, Human Rights and Development from 29 November to 2 December in Geneva, Switzerland. PSI is leading the delegation together with sister global unions BWI, EI and ITUC.

Workers on the move

07 November 2011
International Migration and Women Health and Social Care Workers Programme

Public Services International launches the South Africa national report on migration in the health and social care sectors under the theme: “Quality Healthcare and Workers on the Move.”