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Migration and Refugees

In many countries, skilled health and social care workers feel they must leave their families behind and work abroad to earn a decent income. They brave exploitation and discrimination. And their departure weakens health and social services in their home community. PSI works with unions worldwide to protect migrant workers and to improve the quality of health and social services. Read more

“Quality health care and workers on the move”

24 November 2012

Public Services International is proud to present the Ghana National Report. It presents the results of a comprehensive literature review, and first-hand on-the-ground research on the health and social care sectors in Ghana.

PSI’s 29th World Congress in Durban, South Africa, 27-30 November 2012

22 November 2012

As part of its World Congress events, PSI is holding a series of pre-congress meetings on key issues.

Dominican Republic: Protests met with tear gas and guns

12 November 2012

Unionists protesting against a new tax reform in the Dominican Republic were met by police with tear gas and guns, and several were wounded.

Ghana: Launch of Migrant desk

09 November 2012
A group of people

Unemployment and poverty are on the rise in Ghana, and many health professionals are seeking "greener pastures" abroad. The new Migrant desk will give aspiring migrants the possibility to make informed decisions on whether it is really in their interest to migrate or not.

PSI Survey on Migration in the Health and Social Care Sectors

24 September 2012

Public Services International (PSI) is carrying out a global survey on international migration in the health and social care sectors.
The survey aims to collect data on the causes and impact of migration in the health and social care sectors. This will help the PSI and affiliated unions to address migration in health and social care sectors.

From public sector worker in Portugal to cleaner in Switzerland

21 September 2012

As protests against austerity measures spread in southern Europe, more and more people hit by the crisis are moving north in search of decent jobs. Ana, a 50-year-old Portuguese moved to Switzerland to work as a cleaner and caretaker.

Actions and events against austerity all over Europe

21 September 2012

Major protests against austerity measures are taking place in many European countries.We give you the list of upcoming events: