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Ebola Response

Deaths to health workers accounted for six percent of all deaths confirmed as due to EVD, even to the end of the outbreaks. Over 500 health workers, including members of PSI affiliated unions, were killed in the line of duty. PSI is actively lobbying national governments, the ILO and WHO and working with health and allied care workers in our unions to rebuild health systems that can resist future outbreaks in the context of universal access to essential healthcare, which is the core of the post-2015 agenda for health.

Visits to the United States and the three most affected countries

10 August 2016
Photo: PSI delegation meets with Dr Toni Lewis (far left) and SEIU members. Photo:SEIU1199

The highlights of 2015 included lobbying in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, but also a wide range of activities at the United Nations and the United States, at the heart of international policy-making. [This article is an extract from the 2016 Update "PSI trade union response to the Ebola Virus Disease".]

Liberia: trade union rights under attack

10 August 2016
Liberian health workers including George Poe (left) and Martha C. Morris (far right)

Liberia has three health workers per 10,000 people and was the third and worst hit by the Ebola crisis of the three nations of the Mano River basin with more than 4,800 dead and 10,672 becoming infected. [ [This article is an extract from the 2016 Update "PSI trade union response to the Ebola Virus Disease".]

Congo: unite the unions!

10 August 2016
Photo: EC/ECHO - Jean-Louis Mossec. Creative Commons

The Congolese population has no access to a qualitative health system as, especially in the provinces, the health structures are in an advanced state of decay. Health service providers are neither adequately nor continuously trained to strengthen their capacities and enhance their knowledge about the disease. [This article is an extract from the 2016 Update "PSI trade union response to the Ebola Virus Disease".]

Ghana: union involvement

10 August 2016

In Ghana, 151 cases were tested on Ebola, but luckily none were confirmed. [This article is an extract from the 2016 Newsletter "PSI trade union response to the Ebola Virus Disease".]

Audio: WINS Radio reports on dismissed Liberian health workers

11 April 2016

WINS Radio reports on PSI's call to action for the reinstatement of two Liberian health union leaders dismissed in February 2014 with 22 other workers following a nationwide strike in protest of working conditions and the lack of protective equipment and medication.

World Health Day 2016: Our health is not for sale!

07 April 2016

On Thursday April 7, Public Services International joins in the worldwide celebration of World Health Day.

Liberian healthcare workers: the unsung heroes of the Ebola crisis

31 March 2016

PSI is proud to nominate two exceptional candidates for the WHO’s 2016 International Health Workforce Awards which recognizes outstanding health workers and individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements in the field of human resources for health (HRH). Both candidates are members of PSI affiliate the National Health Workers Association of Liberia (NAHWAL).