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Independent GRSE Workmen’s Union emerges as sole bargaining union

27 November 2013
Against all odds, GRSE Workmen’s Union, an independent trade union, emerged as sole bargaining union at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), a leading public sector company under the Ministry of Defence of India, in the elections held on 27th November 2013. It is relevant to note that these elections were postponed on two consecutive dates (8th October and 21st November).

From the very beginning, the ruling party TMC-led trade unions tried to foil the election. Moreover, the leaders of TMC have created an atmosphere of terror amongst the workers of GRSE. The workers of GRSE continued their struggle for their fundamental right. PSI supported the union and sent several letters urging government agencies to respect the provisions of ILO Convention No 87 and to let workers at GRSE Ltd. hold free and fair elections of trade unions, in a peaceful way and without any obstruction.

Ultimately, the elections have been held by the officials of Registrar of Trade Unions Govt. of West Bengal on 27th November 2013 in all the seven Units of GRSE in West Bengal. The independent CRSE Workmen’s Union secured 54% of the votes, the ruling party TMC-led union got 35%, CITU obtained 5% of votes and INTUC got only 6% of votes.

This victory of independent force will definitely boost the morale of workers who want to organize independently for their livelihood without any control of political parties.

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