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HEALTH FOR ALL: marking the 2018 World Health Day

April 06, 2018


Saturday 7 April is the 2018 World Health Day (WHD). This date was chosen to draw global attention to international health every year with a dedicated theme, when the World Health Organization was formed seventy years ago.

The theme of this year’s World Health Day is Health for All. Rosa Pavanelli, the PSI General Secretary welcomes this theme, saying:

"Health is a fundamental human right. Indeed, a number of policy makers have observed that the right to health is an enabler of all other rights. The WHO’s constitution is clear about the responsibilities of governments to guarantee health for all. And many countries have integrated this right into the provisions of their constitutions. During the first three decades of the WHO’s life, many member states tried to realise health for all, by instituting universal public health care delivery systems.

The neoliberal project of the past four decades has however rolled back some of the normative and practical gains countries have made in this regard, by promoting privatisation and cuts in the funding of public health. Austerity measures introduced over the last decade of a global economic crisis has worsened an already bad situation. Today, according to the WHO not less than 150 million people are driven into poverty due to health care expenses they incur.

This sort of situation must stop. Health for all can be attained only as universal PUBLIC health care."

Thus, PSI affiliates in the health and social sector and networks in the regions and sub-regions will organise activities on 7 April and during the following week, based on the “Health for All” campaign. This will be done in several countries in collaboration with civil society organisations, where we call for the de-commodification of health, with the slogan “Our Health is NOT for Sale”.

Towards achieving health for all, PSI and its affiliates will fight against austerity measures and the privatisation of health and social services. We will fight and campaign for improved funding of public health, improved employment and decent work for health workers, and universal public health care.

For circulation on social media, use the hashtags:  #Health4All #OurHealthIsNot4Sale #UniversalPublicHealthCare

The PSI posters and video for the day are now available, as well as a radio interview on Radio Labour. Please use and circulate these widely. Remember to share your own pictures and videos of your activities on social media. We look forward to receiving information about your activities for World Health Day 2018.



Poster WHD English Poster WHD French Poster WHD Spanish

Download EN for print (.pdf)          Download FR for print (.pdf)           Download ES for print (.pdf)


Radiolabour interview with Baba Aye, PSI Health and Social Sector Officer:

Baba Aye

Duration: 5'47"

Posted: April 5, 2018





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