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Guyana: Inadequate funding and poor management affect quality of service

19 December 2013
Staff at the Mayor & City Council in Georgetown, Guyana are committed to providing quality services to the people who live in the city. But inadequate funding to the Ministry of the Local Government and the City Council, as well as poor management make this a difficult task.

Garbage piles up outside Stabroek market in Guyana. Photo: Guyana Chronicle

The Ministry of Local Government contracted out garbage collection in Georgetown. This was a dismal failure. Garbage continues to pile up on the streets and in the Stabroek public market. And when it rains in this low-lying country, the streets of Georgetown flood. The possible health risks are not hard to imagine.

PSI affiliate, the Guyana Local Government Officers’ Union (GLGOU) now reports that in the midst of this situation, staff morale is low and dipping even lower with the controversial and widely unpopular appointment of a Town Clerk. The union has provided details showing that the appointment to the management position was not transparent and in fact defies established recruitment guidelines and procedures for the public service.

“Of course we are not against persons being appointed or promoted. But we want to see fairness and adherence to the agreed democratic process”, says Dale Beresford, union president. “Respect for and adherence to agreed guidelines, transparency and democratic principles are the hallmarks of truly democratic societies”, he adds.

The union is calling on affiliates to send solidarity greetings and support using the model letter.

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