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European network of public service workers in migrant and refugee services is created

16 October 2018
On September 26th and 27th, the Italian Public Sector Union, FP CGIL, together with the Spanish union Fsc Ccoo and the European Public Services Union, held a meeting in Palermo to tackle the issue of migration.

The meeting brought forward the perspective of workers and workers involved in the solidarity network: relief, reception and integration.

The two-day debate and discussion - with trade unions, politicians and institutions, experts and scholars, and workers from across Europe – focused on the migration phenomena and the conditions of migrant and refugee services for the receipients as well as the workers. The goal of the meeting was the creation of European network of public service workers who work in migrant and refugee services.

The meeting concluded with the 'Palermo declaration', approved by the participating unions.

The meeting will be followed by research, investigating aspects of the Italian system, conducted together with the Di Vittorio Foundation entitled 'The condition of workers and workers of public services for immigration', to better examine the conditions of those working in immigration.

The meeting also premiered an exclusive video-inquiry entitled 'migr [A] tions - work networking':

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