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EU releases anti-corruption report

06 February 2014
Say no to corruption
Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe. The European Union has released an anti-corruption report saying that the amount of corruption in the region is "breath taking". The report states that corruption costs the EU economy at least 120 billion euros a year.

In its February 2014 report, the European Commission provides a clear picture of the situation in each Member State: measures in place, outstanding issues, policies that are working and areas that could be improved.

The report shows that the nature and scope of corruption varies from one Member State to another and that the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies is quite different. It also shows that corruption deserves greater attention in all EU Member States.

Read here the European Commission’s EU anti-corruption report

Labour unions fight against corruption because it steals money which could be used for improving public services and education; it delegitimises the state and often supports the existence of anti-union elites.

PSI organised an anti-corruption event at the International Labour Conference last year in Geneva, listen to the the news report available on RadioLabour.

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