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Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

United Kingdom
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EU: UK and Ireland

UK: Local government dispute declared

17 February 2014

PSI affiliate UNISON and the other local government unions have lodged a formal dispute with the Local Government Employers covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland over the failure to make a pay offer on 14 January 2014.

UK: Closure of 281 tax offices will abandon vulnerable taxpayers

13 February 2014

The closure announced on 12 February of all the UK's 281 walk-in tax offices will abandon vulnerable taxpayers and could cost more than it will save, says PSI affiliate the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS).

Blacklisting case exposes dangerous loophole

24 January 2014

A UK High Court ruled on January 17 that a construction union activist blacklisted for drawing attention to asbestos and other hazards on construction sites had "suffered an injustice" but was not protected by employment and human rights law because he did not have an employment contract with the end user.

Nurses' Forum

20 January 2014

Education support and cultural workers

15 January 2014

Public Services International affiliates represent hundreds of thousands of educational support workers throughout the world, many of who work without job security, fair compensation and benefits, or recognition that their services are vital to ensuring high quality public education for all citizens. The jobs of support workers are on the frontlines of the privatization and casualization struggle within the education sector, and many of these workers face challenges in pursuing their basic freedom to form a union and collectively bargain their terms and conditions of service. More information

Presentation: Worker's Capital and Economic Organising

15 Dec 2014

Presentation at the PSI/FES Forum on Pensions and Social Security by Colin Meech, UNISON, UK.

Developments in pension fund investment and trade union responses

15 Dec 2014

Public sector pension funds are some of the largest of the capitalised funds in the world. The combined assets of these public sector funds stand at an estimated US $12 trillion. How these funds invest has a direct impact on the members of PSI affiliates and trade union members and workers in all other sectors in Asia/Pacific and across the world. This paper sets out a summary of the key developments in pension fund governance and the stewardship of the assets that are purchased, looking at the UK’s corporate governance and stewardship systems.


08 January 2014

PSI is working towards achieving Quality Public Services and Decent Work for all workers through intervention and influencing global policies. Pension and social security is integral in the context of QPS and Decent work. We believe that all workers in all services must have access to pension schemes enabling them to
retire from work and receive an income adequate for their needs.

UK midwife's witness account of working in an NHS hospital

07 January 2014
A midwife

A midwife working in a busy hospital in the United Kingdom has contributed an article about her work in a busy National Health Service hospital to a national newspaper. Here are some extracts.