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United Kingdom

Support PCS strike at London's National Gallery

Staff at London's National Gallery, organised by PSI affiliate the Public and commercial services union (PCS), have been on strike since February 2015 following the Gallery's decision to privatise almost all staff, including those who look after the paintings and help the gallery's six million annual visitors.

UK: Continuous strike greets new National Gallery director

12 August 2015
Strikers at the National Gallery, London

The first week of the National Gallery's new director will be marked by continuous strike action by staff fighting privatisation, the Public and Commercial Services union says. Since11 August, the union's members have embarked on a continuous strike after taking more than 50 days since February.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

17 June 2015

PSI works in coalition with EI, ITUC, civil society partners, the ILO and others to influence the inter-governmental negotiations related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Financing for Development (FfD) arena.

In UK, private water companies must provide environmental information on request

20 April 2015

A recent ruling by the UK's Upper Tribunal has ruled that privatised utility companies in England and Wales are considered to be public authorities for the purpose of environmental information regulations. The judgement means that water companies must provide environmental information to the public upon request.

Emergencies and Disasters

03 April 2015

PSI represents first responders and frontline workers. These are the people who put their lives at risk in order to protect and save your families. First responders include firefighters and emergency medical technicians, police and other uniformed services. They are also the frontline workers in hospitals and health clinics, in schools, in energy and water utilities; in public transport; in civil administration and in a range of other areas. All of us depend on these people being able to do their jobs, having the right tools and training.

London Gallery staff on strike against privatisations

31 March 2015

The Public and commercial services union (PCS), a PSI affiliate in the UK, continues its actions against privatisation at London's National Gallery.

UK: Senior union rep suspended as National Gallery strike enters fourth week

19 March 2015

Candy Udwin, senior union rep for the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) in the UK, has been dismissed after being suspended just before the strike began in February.

Ebola Response

24 October 2014

Deaths to health workers accounted for six percent of all deaths confirmed as due to EVD, even to the end of the outbreaks. Over 500 health workers, including members of PSI affiliated unions, were killed in the line of duty. PSI is actively lobbying national governments, the ILO and WHO and working with health and allied care workers in our unions to rebuild health systems that can resist future outbreaks in the context of universal access to essential healthcare, which is the core of the post-2015 agenda for health.

PSI stands with British workers' demands for a pay rise

18 October 2014

Under the slogan "Britain Needs a Pay Rise", tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the UK on Saturday 18th October calling for pay increases for public sector workers after years of wage freezes and salary caps. Rallies took place in London, Glasgow and Belfast, with nurses, civil servants and teachers marching alongside other public and private sector workers, families, pensioners and activists.

10 July - UK public sector workers strike for better wages and against government policy

10 July 2014
Striking UK workers demonstrate in London, 2011

On 10 July, over a million public sector workers in the UK held a 24-hour strike. PSI affiliated unions GMB, FBU, PCS, Unison and Unite the Union, together with NIPSA and the teachers' union NUT, were on strike and demonstrated against the government's decision to offer a 1% salary increase and against government policy.