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19 June : European Day of Action - No Austerity, Yes Tax Justice !

18 June 2013
No tax havens, yes tax justice
As part of its campaign “ Europe’s missing € 1000 billion every year: we want it back” the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) coordinates a European tax justice week of actions 17-23 June to make the rich and transnational corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

In Brussels, on 19 June, EPSU and its Belgian affiliates will hold a meeting with Belgian State Secretary John Crombez charged with the fight against tax fraud. Mr Crombez will explain, 9h45 sharp, the role of Belgium in the fight against tax fraud and aggressive tax planning in Europe. Some 200 trade union delegates are expected (CGSP/ACOD; CSC- services publics/ACV-Openbare diensten; SLFP/VSOA)

Some advances have been made recently at EU level towards lifting bank secrecy and introduce automatic exchange of information between public authorities. But we need more concrete immediate actions as shocking tax scandals reported by the press and tax justice NGOs keep on pouring.

EPSU Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan, will show how EC-backed austerity facilitates tax fraud in Europe by axing 50 000 jobs in tax administrations, based on research evidence commissioned by EPSU.

Trade union delegates will then rally in front of the Brussels stock exchange for a media stunt to symbolize Europe’s massive robbery of our money which under-resourced tax administrations want to get back but cannot get back.

Actions led by trade unions are planned in other countries such as the UK, Austria, Germany, Cyprus - 1 hour work stoppage-, France and the Netherlands. Others will take place during the week 17-23 June to coincide with G8 summit and International Public Services Day on 23 June, see updates

The action seeks to feed into the popular appetite to eradicate tax havens, oblige multinationals to pay their fair share of taxes to finance public services we all need and stop political and corporate interference with investigating tax fraud cases.

Citizens ‘ legitimate anger at austerity for the majority and prosperity for the few will not be appeased by empty words. Citizens don’t mind paying fair taxes according to their means to finance good public services we all need, they do mind being cheated and having to pay for those who can afford to pay but don’t want to pay.

Meeting 9h30 - 11h00, CGSP/ACOD office, Place Fontainas 9-11, 1000 Brussels - Coffee from 9h00 11h15 - 12h15 March to La Bourse and media stunt - Media point will be at place de la Bourse

EPSU research Job cuts in tax administrations, in English and French

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