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World Outgames

31 July, 2013 to 11 August, 2013
09.00 - 17.00
Antwerp, Belgium
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WorldOutgames is an international event organized from within the LGBTQ community open for everyone. After Montreal 2006 and Copenhagen 2009, Antwerp is next in line in 2013. The event consist of three main pillars: a human rights conference, a cultural festival and a sports event with in total over 250.000 visitors. Antwerp is also Europe’s capital of sport in 2013. worldOutgames will be the biggest sports event in its programme.

The aim of the worldOutgames is to open eyes and to improve acceptance for LGBTQ people throughout the world. We wish to show or differences and accentuate our similarities with everyone else. Through culture and sport we wish to bring harmony and integration, tackle homophobia and strengthen the self-confidence of the LGBTQ people.

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