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World Health Worker Week Engagement Toolkit

4 April, 2013
Global health workforce alliance
A health worker and a patient walking together, smiling
In many countries, access to health care is limited and people living in rural areas often have the hardest time accessing the most basic health services. This toolkit, created for World Health Worker Week 2013, offers some ideas that can help your organisation to encourage greater apprciation and support of health workers and show your community that health workers count.

World Health Worker Week (8-12 April 2013) is an opportunity to mobilize communities, partners, and policy makers in support of your community’s health workers. It is a time to celebrate the amazing work that they do and it is a time to raise awareness of the challenges that they face every day. Perhaps most importantly, it is an opportunity to fill in the gaps in the health workforce by calling on those in power to ensure that health workers have the training, supplies, and support they need to do their jobs effectively.


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