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Video: Rosa Pavanelli at the UN High-Level session on advancing gender equality

09 March, 2015

Women’s economic and political empowerment

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, addresses the UN High-level panel session on advancing gender equality in New York, 6 March 2015.

"The key to the empowerment of women is jobs, jobs, jobs! Decent work and fair wages! Investing in public services can play a determinant role in empowering women by helping them to overcome poverty and accessing the labour market. Childcare and elderly care services, education and healthcare are sectors that can really stimulate women's employment while ensuring the economic growth of society and a higher quality of life for people," said Pavanelli.

For more information: http://www.world-psi.org/en/womens-economic-and-political-empowerment




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