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Tunisia: PSI protest against attacks on UGTT and its members

12 December 2012
On 4th December 2012, trade union militants and workers met to prepare the 60th commemoration of the assassination of Farhat Hached, the nationalist leader and founder of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT). This peaceful gathering was interrupted by a gang of pro-Ennahdha militia, attacking the union central headquarters armed with stones, swords and tear bombs, calling for the dissolution of the UGTT.

Many UGTT militants and supporters were physically attacked, among them national executive members and some of the victims have been hospitalised.

PSI has written to the Tunisian President, saying that trade unions cannot exercise their rights in a climate of violence, pressure or threats against their leaders or members and urging the government to find a solution to the crisis while upholding the rights of its citizens. It is the duty of the government to protect the rights of trade unions and to make sure that a full and prompt investigation is carried out in order to identify those who have instigated and carried out these attacks.

PSI also calls on the Tunisian Government to work together with the UGTT so that a solution for this crisis can be found, and to ensure that no further violence occurs, in particular in relation to the general protest action announced by the UGTT for 13 December.

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