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Strengthening Public Services Social Dialogue in an Era of Austerity

21 February, 2013
King's College, London, UK
King’s College London has carried out a research project on "Managing workforce change: Strengthening public services social dialogue in an era of austerity". The project includes data from the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Italy and Denmark.

The comparative research project investigates how employers, trade unions and public authorities are managing workforce change in a period of widespread restructuring. It aims to understand the particular challenges facing the social partners, what strategies they are putting in place to manage change and what contribution forms of employee consultation and involvement i.e. social dialogue can make in maintaining high quality public services. A key goal is to encourage the adaption of these systems of consultation and involvement to deal with new challenges.

The focus of the fieldwork is on responses to restructuring in six EU countries. The questions driving the project include:

  • What have been the main drivers and measures of austerity adopted in each country?
  • How have these changes been implemented? To what extent has social dialogue ontributed to the change process at national, sectoral and workplace level?
  • How have institutions of social dialogue influenced industrial relations processes/ outcomes in the public services?

EPSU was consulted sporadically concerning the research, but it may be worthwhile to check the information from your country if your union has not been consulted.

The reports can be downloaded here.

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