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Rosa Pavanelli's speech at Kommunal Congress, Stockholm, May 2013

28 May, 2013
Rosa Pavanelli
Rosa Pavanelli, PSI general secretary, spoke at Kommunal's congress in Stockholm, Sweden, on 28 May 2013.

"This Kommunal Congress is being held only a few months after the 29th PSI congress in Durban last November. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to share our vision for the future, to discuss how to challenge and to win the very difficult fight that the neo-liberal forces are imposing on us right now.

In Durban we have renewed our commitment for Quality Public Services as the overarching campaign that will lead PSI and our affiliates around the world to work for more justice in our societies.

We know that quality public services are essential to ensure universal access to education, healthcare, social services, potable water and sanitation, to ensure that everybody can live in a safe environment where natural resources are protected for the present and future generations.

And we know that to enjoy these rights we need freedom and democracy."

Download the complete speech in PDF format.


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