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Resolution 29: Ensure the common good with public services and a social protection floor

30 November, 2012

The 29th World Congress of Public Services International (PSI),
meeting in Durban, South Africa, on 27-30 November 2012

Whereas the common good is a social glue that enables people to live together, which fosters collective rights that are a fundamental priority for healthy communities, and which is in the best interests of society;

Affirming that states have the responsibility to develop and maintain public services and social security that can ensure equality of opportunity and reduce social inequality;

Affirming that public services and social security are essential for maintaining the necessary social bonds for living in a society and building solidarity between individuals;

Whereas the maintenance and development of public services and social security must be rooted in the following principles:

  1. To be accessible to everyone regardless of their status, income or where they live;
  2. The responsibility for the foregoing is borne by the state or equivalent public authorities;
  3. The foregoing must not be regulated by international free trade agreements;

Based upon the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, that notably considers the rights to health, education and social security as the foundations of freedom, justice and peace in the world;

Whereas societies that are educated, in better health and that enjoy adequate social security are generally more egalitarian and enjoy a better quality of life;

Whereas it is however clear that social needs, as well as the tax revenues that are used to fund public services and social security, differ from one country to the next and therefore require approaches and solutions that are adapted to the particularities of any given country;

Declaring that the introduction of a social protection floor net can constitute a potent instrument to combat poverty and better distribute wealth for the greater common good;

The PSI 29th World Congress RECOMMENDS that the Executive Board and member organisations:

PUT PRESSURE on governments, public bodies and international institutions to ensure that public education, health and social services systems, as well as accessible, universal social security measures be developed or reinforced in every country in order to put genuine social protection floors into place.


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