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Release Zeynep Çelik NOW! Stop attacks on the Turkish people!

03 May 2017
The arrest of Zeynep Çelik by the Turkish government on May Day is totally unacceptable to the Public Services International. Zeynep, is a nurse and former Executive Committee member of PSI Turkish affiliate Dev-Sağlık-İş (DISK).

Her detention is yet another infamous step in the ongoing crackdown on Turkish people by the Turkish government.

In the past 30 days alone, more than 2,125 persons have been detained, according to data compiled by Turkeypurge.com, 3,974 people have been dismissed from the public services. It is quite troubling that some of these, including trade unionists have been sentenced on questionable grounds by judges that appear more keen on doing the bidding of Recep Erdogan than upholding justice for common women and men.

Enough, is enough. The government in Ankara cannot be allowed to continue with these attacks. We demand the immediate release of Zeynep Çelik, and stop to the attacks on the Turkish people and the tenets of democracy, forthwith.

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