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Public Services International calls for unity, social peace and dialogue in Venezuela

28 February 2014
Demonstrators in Venezuela
Public Services International, a global union federation that represents the workers of the public sector and public services worldwide, is calling for the cessation of violence from all sides in Venezuela.

In times of crisis of political institutions, civil society organizations such as trade unions have a fundamental role in the resolution of issues and to strengthen democracy as the highest form of political coexistence.

PSI and its affiliates in Venezuela have taken important steps toward creating a unified space for trade union action outside of political polarization, inviting the Venezuelan government to establish forums for dialogue in favour of workers’ rights and public services, which we will continue to do.

We will continue our work and we hereby send our union solidarity to all workers and the Venezuelan people. Only unity, social peace and dialogue can lead Venezuela to democracy.

The declaration has been adopted by the PSI Sub-regional Advisory Committee for the Andean region (SUBRAC)

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