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Public Finance Control and Anti-Corruption Strategies forum

13 June, 2013
13:00 - 14:30
Geneva, Switzerland - Palais des Nations Room XII
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A PSI parallel event on public finance control and anti-corruption strategies.

The solutions to the problems of corruption involve recognition of the value of civil and public services and the workers who provide these vital services. Taking effective measures against tax fraud and evasion by those who are the perpetrators of large scale corruption would provide societies with thousands of billions stolen from citizens. Privatisation systematically creates opportunities and incentives for corruption and policy capture, supported by donors and development banks. In addition, the commercial capture of the state through ‘legal’ corruption via political donations, influence trading, lobbying and infiltration of public institutions, undermines the power of democratic decision-making. It corrupts public policy decisions and public resource allocation. The effectiveness of combined actions against corruption depends on strengthening democratic and community organisations within every country, and developing strong cooperation between unions and the public. These themes integrate with PSI’s other work at the ILC to promote the value of quality public services and the importance of providing labour and trade union rights to the public sector workers who deliver them.

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