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PSI/FES project meeting: Influencing the debates on public policy and the development agenda in the Caribbean

4 November, 2013 to 6 November, 2013
09.00 - 17.00
Kingston, Jamaica
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This is the final workshop in the current 3-year co-operation project between PSI and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The project pursues the following specific objective: The international trade union movement has promoted the debate on an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable international economic order.

PSI’s ability to effectively engage at international/global conferences and forums requires that its various constituents be able to effectively represent their interests and add value to the debates.

The activities and work carried out throughout the project period sought to develop a cadre of “experts” on priority areas of work as identified by PSI’s affiliates. These areas of work fall under PSI’s global agenda of promoting quality public services. It is essential that affiliates in the Caribbean have access to the necessary skills, talent and knowledge that will ensure that they are actively and effectively involved in debates at the regional (CARICOM) level and consequently are able to represent those views and engage in debates at the international level.

In the final workshop - Stand Up, Speak Out, Let’s change the world - participants will present a research project on Trade union renewal;  case studies on collective bargaining in the public service sector in times of crisis; precarious work ; climate change, sustainable development and the post 2015 development agenda and taxation and public funding.

The IMF representative in Jamaica will also participate in a panel presentation on “Jamaica and the IMF – a people’s perspective”.

Download the programme (PDF) for more information.


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