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PSI Workshop at the WTO Forum

2 October, 2013
15.00 - 17.00
Geneva, Switzerland
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PSI has been selected to run a workshop at the WTO Annual forum where we can explain to Ambassadors and trade negotiators from all over the globe why the TISA hurts quality public services.

This year’s WTO forum focuses on the links between trade, innovation and the digital economy. But it assumes that all so-called innovation is good. The recent unregulated proliferation of innovation and global trade in the financial services markets was one of the main causes of the global financial crisis. PSI’s forum will highlight to the most influential negotiators in the world why trade in services must not be liberalised and why trade cannot be used to undermine quality public services.

The new generation of trade agreements, negotiated in secret and outside of public scrutiny, present a new threat to quality public services. Most recently a group of countries who wish to promote a new aggressive services agreement outside even the World Trade Organisation (WTO) framework has begun meeting to discuss the Trade In Service Agreement (TISA).

PSI has been monitoring developments and publicising the problems with the TISA. To expose and oppose the dangers of such agreements we must raise awareness, mobilise our members in all countries and make our voice heard. Part of this strategy is to directly influence those who negotiate the agreements.

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