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PSI promoting social dialogue through the Global Deal

23 November 2017
Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven
PSI has recently joined the Global Deal as part of its commitment to promoting social dialogue as a means for tackling inequality, ensuring workers’ rights and creating the foundations for peace and stability.

PSI participated in the Global Deal High Level Seminar on Global Deal and Trade, on 22 November in Geneva, where the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, outlined the importance of ensuring that global trade oppresses no one, named fighting inequality as one of the most pressing issues of our time and argued that involving workers in workplace and government decision making is good for the economy.

Annika Soder, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden discusses the benefits of the Global Deal with Daniel Bertossa, PSI Policy Director.PSI Director of Policy, Daniel Bertossa, also attended the Senior Officials meeting on 23 November to discuss the draft Strategy for the Future of Work of the Global Deal and advocate for the genuine involvement of public sector workers in social dialogue.

He said, “Public services are an essential part of social dialogue and public service workers must be able to participate”.

He highlighted the fact that in too many countries public service workers are denied the right to freedom of association, and to organise, and pointed out that this is an essential precondition for effective social dialogue.

He also pointed out the benefits of involving public sector workers in social dialogue and collective bargaining and reiterated Stefan Löfven’s point that this is good for the economy and social outcomes.   

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