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PSI mission to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon

14 February, 2019 to 15 February, 2019
09.00 - 17.00
Beirut, Lebanon
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A PSI mission will be held in Beirut, Lebanon from 14-15 February. The mission is part of the project “Trade Unions, Human Rights and Quality Public Services for Refugees and Migrants in the MENA region” and is being implemented in partnership with Union to Union and PSI Swedish affiliates.

The mission includes field visits to the Terbol Municipality and the Refugee Camp, meetings with refugees but also members of the municipality and the head of the dispensary and doctor at the camp.

A Roundtable Discussion will be held on 15 February, bringing together trade unions, civil society, government and international organization stakeholders to share perspectives towards strengthening refugee protection and assistance in Lebanon, with the view to promoting access to decent work, social protection and access to quality public services.

The PSI project is being run in partnership with Union to Union and PSI Swedish affiliates, Vårdförbundet, Vision, Fackförbundet ST, Akademikerförbundet SSR and Kommunal.


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