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PSI Communications team launches “One Day” a PSI video series on public service workers starting with firefighters, child care and waste collection workers

21 April 2017
Rubbish collectors in Siena

The PSI Communications team has started a series of videos on the everyday work and dedication of public sector workers and the value they bring to their communities. The PSI team will visit about 10 countries in 5 continents and cover professions from the whole PSI affiliate spectrum facilitated by participating affiliates and PSI staff where possible. The first filming took place in Rome and Siena, Italy, and was facilitated by PSI affiliate CGIL Funzione Pubblica (CGIL-FP).

Rubbish collectors in Siena
Maria Luisa Ghidoli (CGIL-FP National Coordinator for education services), Pasquale Baldini (SEI Toscana), Marcelo Netto (PSI Head of Communications), Daria Cibrario (PSI Local and Regional Government Officer); Emanuele Anselmi (SEI Toscana) e Leo Hyde (PSI Video Campaigns and Communications Assistant) and Massimo Tangarelli (CGIL-FP Regional Sector Coordinator Waste services)


The PSI team documented a working day of a firefighter brigade (Rome); education workers in L’Arcobaleno crèche and a waste collection workers’ team (Siena) interviewing them along with their union representatives. CGIL-FP national coordinator Danilo Zuliani (firefighters), Maria Luisa Ghidoli (education services) and regional sector coordinator Massimo Tangarelli (waste services) facilitated the contact with the workers and made this project possible. PSI warmly thanks them, the workers, the Municipality of Siena, the municipal crèche “L’Arcobaleno”, the families of the children, SEI Toscana and of course CGIL-FP who accepted to participate in this PSI project.

Danilo Zuliani, CGIL-FP Firefighters National Coordinator
Danilo Zuliani, CGIL-FP Firefighters National Coordinator holding the logo of the PSI 30th World Congress


A first teaser from the video and picture shooting was presented at the PSI Executive Committee last April:


The final videos and picture series will be launched at the PSI 30th World Congress in Geneva on 30 October-3 November 2017 and will be disseminated and used to raise public awareness about the value and tangible contribution public sector work brings to citizens and public service users every day and everywhere.

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