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Peruvian government attacks public sector workers' rights - state workers respond in the streets

15 July 2013
The Government of Ollanta Humala has managed to get the approval by the Congress of the Republic of a new Civil Service Organic Act which, among other things, will remove the right of public sector unions to negotiate wages, determine a model of union organization in the sector, and establish annual punitive assessments with provision for forecast layoffs. Moreover, the Act will allow for the implementation of reforms in the structure of employment and public services without any legislative consultation. The new Act would deny the right of strike in essential sectors, but does not determine which sectors are essential.

"The law continues to promote privatization and make the working conditions in the public sector precarious, it is a clear regression of rights," claim our local affiliates.

On 4 July, the General Confederation of Workers of Peru - State confederations CGTP and CITE, CTE and JOIN, organized demonstrations where hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets across the country to protest the proposed legislation. "Either the government starts talking with workers to change that law, or we continue to demonstrate for our rights," say our affiliates.

In the Latin American meeting "Public Employment and Civil Service," organized by PSI and the Solidarity Center, Carmen Benitez, representative of ILO ACTRAV, reported: "In its recent study presented at the last International Labour Conference, the ILO Committee of Experts was clear: no government can determine how workers should be organized and the method of negotiation has to be respected, allowing the parties to cover all items ...". In other words, she demonstrated the violations of international conventions that the new Act contains.

The PSI will continue to support our affiliates in Peru and requests that letters are sent to the President of the Republic of Peru denouncing restrictions on freedom of association imposed by law, and requesting the repeal of the Act.

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