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Participation forms for APRECON 2016

26 February, 2016
The Conference participation form/s inform us about your delegation and status. Three participation forms are available for your download, please submit the relevant one.



Submission Deadline

Participation Form No.1: APREC, APWOC and APYN

This form is only for persons with status of Titular in  the APREC, AP WOC and APYN

20 April 2016

Participation Form No.2: Request for Sponsorship

This form is for  the affiliates who request for sponsorship in accordance to the PSI Policies 

20 April 2016

Participation Form No.3: General (non-sponsorship)

This form is submitted by all affiliates who wish to send their delegation to the Conference with all status (Delegate and Observers) including visitors.

1 June 2016


Please note that the form must be submitted along with a copy of your passport if you request a visa support letter from PSI.

Please send the form to AP Regional Secretary: lakshmi.vaidhiyanathan@world-psi.org (please copy: Indah.budiarti@world-psi.org) and also copy the respective subregional office. (See emails included in the form.)

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