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No Global Compact on Migration Without Decent Work for All

07 June 2018
Worker delegates at the International Labour Conference (ILC) Call for decent work for all in the UN Global Compact on Migration.

As the 107th Session of the Internatonal Labour Conference (ILC) continues this week in Geneva, PSI and the Global Union Federations BWI, ITUC and IUF lead Worker Delegates in a rally in front of the United Nations demanding for Decent Work for All in the Global Compact on Migration.

This week, as the ILC is happening in Geneva, UN member states are in the fifth round of negotiations towards a UN Global Compact on Migration.

With migration today primarily driven by the search for decent work, the trade union movement rejects any discriminatory treatment by States of migrants and strongly demand for full respect for the human and labour rights of all migrants regardless of status.

The trade union movement also calls for a strong role of the International Labour Organisation in ensuring tripartism and social dialogue in the follow up and implementation of the Global Compact.

At Place Des Nations in Geneva


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