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New Zealand PSA : Youth leadership training

29 March 2013
PSA youth leadership training
PSA Youth, the network for PSA members under 35, recently held a two-day leadership training course for young PSA members.

The first day of the course was held in September 2012 and the second day was held in early March 2013. The course looked at leadership within the workplace and how young PSA members can play an important role in positive change at work:

  • What is leadership and what makes a good leader?
  • Thinking about your leadership goals and leadership style
  • Leadership roles within the PSA
  • Activity planning

The course was held in Wellington (on 1 March 2013), Auckland (on 4 March 2013), and Christchurch (on 7 March 2013), the three biggest cities in New Zealand.  Over 20% of PSA members are 35 years and under which is comparable to the percentage of under 35’s employed in the NZ public service.  Yet there is no one under 35 on the NZ PSA executive board and very few are senior delegates or represented on the union sector committees. By offering leadership training PSA Youth hope to encourage young leaders in the union movement to step up and take on leadership positions within the PSA.

For further information visit PSAY’s webpage: http://www.psa.org.nz/Networks/youth.aspx

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