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McJobs - Low wages and low standards around the world

1 May, 2015
This report details abusive employment practices in the McDonald’s system that make the iconic golden arches a global symbol of the low-road economy.

McDonald’s is the global fast food leader, with more than 36,000 stores in 119 countries. The McDonald’s system also employs 1.9 million workers, making it the second largest private-sector employer in the world.

Given its scale and prominence, McDonald’s should take responsibility for creating high quality jobs that pay living wages and treat its workers fairly. Instead, the company has adopted a low-road employment strategy, becoming a leader in the development of low-wage, precarious service jobs around the globe. It is no surprise that the Random House Dictionary has defined “McJob” as “an unstimulating, low-wage job with few benefits, especially in a service industry.”


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