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Korea: KGEU very close to government recognition

30 July 2013
Message to recognise the trade union KGEU
After months of active campaigning, the Korean Government Employees’ Union (KGEU) is, at last, on the brink of being recognized by the government.
As a result of the pressure the Korean government experienced at the International Labour Conference and the intensive actions carried out with the support of Public Services International and many of its affiliates, the South Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour agreed to a special negotiation procedure for union registration on 12 June 2013.

From 13 June to 11 July 2013, the KGEU and the Ministry of Employment and Labour had seven meetings. The Ministry planned a press conference on 25th July to announce the positive outcome of these meetings. Unfortunately, that press conference has not yet taken place. KGEU suspects this is due to concerns raised by the Ministry for Security and Public Administration.

Recognition is but a first step that will lead to real social dialogue for government employees in Korea. PSI calls upon the government to recognize the KGEU now without further delay!

Please find below the letter that PSI has sent to the Korean government.

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