Public Funding/Tax Justice

The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing rapidly. In many countries, the richest 1% pay less tax than everyone else. Profitable multinational corporations use loopholes and tax havens to avoid paying their share. Around the world, inequality is growing. A taxation system based on fairness and ability to pay is the first step in reversing this attack on the middle class.

Public services are essential for economic growth

12 February 2015
GUF meeting with IMF

Economic models that promote labour flexibility and privatisation are destined to fail. This was PSI’s main message to the high-level meetings between the Global Union Federations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, on 11 February in Washington.

"Greece has given Europe a lesson of democracy, and the right answer to austerity, " says Rosa Pavanelli

27 January 2015
Syriza demonstrators in front of the Acropolis, Athens

“A strong message to the Troika and to the European Institutions, after six years of austerity that have destroyed the social fabric of Greek society.”

Trade unions and civil society make a critical assessment of the EU Neighborhood Policy

15 December 2014
Rachid Malaoui, SNAPAP, Algeria

On International Human Rights Day, PSI affiliate leader Rachid Malaoui (SNAPAP/CGATA, Algeria) participated in a dialogue on cooperation between the EU and the MENA region at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Billions disappearing through tax evasion

19 November 2014
Bernard Adjei, Ghana Tax Justice Campaign - Photo David Falk

Enormous amounts are disappearing through tax evasion. The missing tax revenue in Africa is greater than the entire amount received in development aid. A sound tax policy is a tool for global development, concludes a seminar organised the Union of Civil Servants, ST, Sweden.

Outcomes of PSI Steering Comittee SC-18

17 November 2014

PSI Steering Committee (SC-18) met in Geneva on 12-13 November 2014.

The agenda covered all items relating to the implementation of the Programme of Action with a special focus on the global campaigns PSI is leading on trade agreements and tax justice.

Audio: Radio Interview with Daniel Bertossa

17 November 2014

PSI Policy Director, Daniel Bertossa is interviewed by Chris Ilsley on Australian radio 6PR Perth Tonight about tax havens and the need to push for fair taxation. Mr Bertossa was in Australia to call on the G20 Leaders to meet their promise to stop multinational corporations from dodging hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

G20: Public Health Systems more efficient than private, PSI study reveals

12 November 2014
Nurses and midwives lobby for public funding of health care

Public healthcare is more efficient than private healthcare, reveals a new study by Public Services International (PSI), which was released during an international trade union forum on public health, ahead of the G20 in Australia.