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No Trade in Public Services

The recent wave of trade agreements are direct threats to the provision of Quality Public Services. These new agreements encourage privatisation, restrict governments’ ability to regulate in the public interest and create new and powerful rights for large multinational corporations. They are also a threat to democracy and accountability of government. They are being negotiated in secret, without proper consultation and will bind future governments, often regardless of the decisions of national elections, parliaments and courts. PSI urges all affiliates to understand the implications and join our allies to oppose the harmful effects of these agreements.

PSI urges WTO to deal with development issues

22 July 2014

Trade Ministers from the G20 countries met in Sydney on 19 July. PSI requests its affiliates to endorse a letter urging WTO members to condition the entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement [TFA] to the completion of the Development mandate.

PSI meets UNCTAD Secretary-General to discuss public services, trade and development

21 July 2014
PSI meets UNCTAD Secretary-General

PSI recently met with Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to discuss the role public services play in development and how trade agreements can undermine this.

Video: Trade agreements and the threat to quality public services

24 June 2014

Sanya Reid Smith - Third World Network, Guest speaker at PSI's Executive Board meeting in Nyon, Switzerland 24-25 June 2014.

Tax justice, trade and right to strike top PSI agenda

24 June 2014

PSI's annual Executive Board meeting featured a series of guest speakers and intense discussion on tax justice, free trade issues and the right to strike.

Audio: A RadioLabour interview with Rosa Pavanelli on World Public Services Day

23 June 2014

Monday June 23: World Public Services Day. All around the world governments are attacking public services and the workers who help supply them. As well, a number of international trade agreements are jeopardizing the right of governments to provide public services instead of corporations.

Wikileaks confirms TISA alarm raised by PSI

19 June 2014

For immediate release – 19 June 2014 - Wikileaks release today confirms alarm raised by Public Services International:

Wikileaks today released secret draft text from the Trades in Services Agreement negotiations that confirms the concerns first raised by the global trade union Public Services International in the recent ground-breaking report ‘TISA versus Public Services'.

PSI in the News - TISA

19 June 2014

PSI's campaign against the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) received news coverage from around the world.