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Invitation to the 11th PSI Inter-American regional conference and related meetings

26 June, 2014
The Conference itself will be held on April 23 - 24 and will be preceded by several meetings concerning sectoral and transverse issues, which will be held on April 20, 21 and 22. The Regional Women's Committee will meet at the end of April 20 and the IAMREC will meet at the end of April 21 and of April 22. All of these events will be held in the Fiesta Americana Hotel and other hotels nearby and will be organized in cooperation with local affiliates.

11th Inter-American Regional Conference of PSI (IAMRECON): 23 - 24 April 2015 

Background and Objectives 

PSI has entered a new political and organizational phase since its last PSI World Congress in Durban in 2012. With a renewed leadership, more focused policy actions and a more union-like organization, the influence of PSI is growing in international institutions and national governments, offering better opportunities for success in the struggles of its affiliates. On the other hand, the economic crisis continues to have a world-wide impact and brings new challenges, including economic, affecting our organization and all its members. The huge power of transnational corporations that guides the restrictive development model adopted and supported by leaders of many nations, the free trade agreements, the privatizations that are underway and the fragility of trade union rights in many of the countries of the region continue to be the central issues that must be overcome in our region. Updating our Regional Action Plan, adopting what we should do to better defend our rights and the quality public services is the goal we should strive for in the Conference.  

Core Issues

The PSI theme for this conference will be "Advancing trade union rights in the struggle for Quality Public Services"  During the conference we will discuss, among other topics, issues such as: 

  • The full trade union rights for all public sector workers. 
  • The free trade agreements and their attacks on public services. 
  • Privatization 
  • Transnational corporations and the tax erosion. 
  • International financial institutions and their attacks on trade union rights. 
  • Organizing workers as a response to these attacks. 
  • The restructuring of the PSI and the strengthening of sectoral structures.   


According to the PSI Constitution, trade unions have the right to send delegates and observers based on the average membership fees that were paid during the period since the last conference (2010 - 2015 inclusive) or since the affiliation date, if it was the most recent.   

Article 6.6 

1 delegate up to 5,000 members 

2 delegates from 5,001 to 10,000 members

3 delegates from 10,001 to 20,000 members

4 delegates from 20,001 to 35,000 members

5 delegates from 35,001 to 50,000 members

6 delegates from 50,001 to 100,000 members

plus one delegate for each additional 50,000 paid-up members and/or part thereof.  

Observers: each organization will have the right to send observers to the Conference in the proportion of 1 observer per 100,000 paying members or fraction of that amount.   

Guests: guests are those invited to participate without being a delegate or observer, either because the quota for the delegation has been filled or because they represent an organization not affiliated with the ISP.    

Motions: We remind the affiliates that the two-day Conference will focus on the Draft of the Regional Action Program and not on discussing resolutions. However, the affiliates who wish to make a motion may send a draft to jocelio.drummond@world-psi.org by the end of August.   

Emergency motions may be submitted only if the situation warrants such action. The Standing Orders Committee of the Conference will decide if these resolutions will be accepted.   

Schedule preparations for the Conference: 

  • MAY 2014: First information circular with the date and location, criteria for participation and other information. 
  • JUNE: Second circular with first draft of the Action Plan.   
  • JULY/AUGUST: Receive suggestions for the Plan and proposed motions.   
  • SEPTEMBER: Third circular with new version of the Plan of Action and all motions received. Start of registration of delegates and observers.   
  • OCTOBER: Receive new contributions to the Plan and possible counter-motions. Continue registrations.   
  • NOVEMBER: Fourth circular, with Action Plan to be submitted to the Conference and report on the regional activities held since the last Conference in 2010. Continue registration.   
  • DECEMBER: Fifth circular with registrations and other information about the Conference.   
  • JANUARY 2015: Decision about who will receive the sponsorships of hotel per sub-region (made with each responsible officer for the sub-region in PSI, in consultation with the NCCs).    
  • FEBRUARY 2015: Final circular and closing of registration for the Conference.   
  • APRIL 2015: Conference and pre-Conference activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact Regional Secretary Jocelio Drummond jocelio.drummond@world-psi.org and/or his assistant Vivian Makia vivian.makia@world-psi.org for any questions or further information.   


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