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International Migrants Day - 18 December

18 December 2018
“In the face of conflict and climate related migration, we uphold the human right to quality public services in welcoming migrants and supporting inclusive and resilient communities.”

December 18 is International Migrants Day.

PSI stands in solidarity for the defence of the human rights of all migrants regardless of status.

Migration is a natural feature of civilisation, driven by natural and human-made factors, and inseparable from globalisation.

Migration needs to be viewed structurally and holistically.

We need to address the opportunities and challenges in the whole migration cycle, putting priority on the protection and promotion of the human rights of all migrants, while equally addressing sustainable development, root causes and drivers.

Conflicts, environment, climate change and loss of jobs and livelihoods are the major causes of forced migration today. More than 68 million people are forcibly displaced, within and across borders, and more will be forced to migrate, if these structural factors and drivers are not addressed.

By promoting access to decent work, social protection and quality public services, we are working to address the structural factors and drivers of forced migration.

Through access to quality public services we can promote inclusion, social cohesion and protection of human rights for migrants and host communities.

Public services support resilient and inclusive societies.

Public services are the bedrock of solidarity.

Public services are human rights.

The newly-adopted United Nations Global Compact on Migration provides the framework on international cooperation based on global solidarity to address the opportunities and challenges of migration.

PSI welcomes the adoption of the Global Compact and stand ready to work within the United Nations system and with other stakeholders at national, regional and global levels to advance its implementation.


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