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Gender and trade coalition

01 September 2018
PSI endorsed the unity statement and joined the gender and trade coalition, a feminist alliance for trade justice initiated by feminist and progressive activists. The coalition puts forward feminist trade analysis and advocates for equitable trade policy.

PSI has joined women’s rights organisations, movements and allies committed to advancing women’s human rights, come together to form the Gender and Trade Coalition in the firm belief that a feminist alliance on trade justice is required to address the pernicious impact of trade rules on women’s human rights and to produce informed policy responses addressing the structural causes of gendered human rights violations.

The coalition will actively shape a trade justice agenda by increasing consciousness, capacity, research, and advocacy for policy alternatives which promote a more just and sustainable world. We stand in opposition to neoliberal co-optation of women's rights as a means to open markets and expand an unjust trade system which exploits the global South as well as workers and oppressed peoples worldwide.

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