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Funding Democracy - Practical alternatives to global austerity

16 June, 2015 to 17 June, 2015
09.00 - 17.00
Ottawa, Canada
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Funding Democracy
PSI's Canadian affiliate, the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) is organising an event on 16-17 June 2015 in Ottawa, Canada, to discuss issues of austerity, tax reform and funding public services.

The goal? Come up with a set of concrete, practical alternatives to the increased privatization and damaging cuts to public services that have been the hallmarks of the global austerity agenda.

From leading academics to activists and even politicians, here is a list of some of the speakers at the event:

  • Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labour
  • Rick Mercer, Canadian television host and political satirist
  • Jim Stanford, Canadian political economist
  • Rosa Pavanelli, Italian union leader and PSI General Secretary
  • Ögmundur Jónasson, Icelandic Member of Parliament
  • Ladi Delano, Nigerian entrepreneur

More information visit the Funding Democracy website or download the handbill in English, French or Spanish

Follow #FDOttawa on Twitter.

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