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Event: Peoples’ Global Action on Migration and Development

30 September, 2013 to 4 October, 2013
09.00 - 17.00
Church Center of the UN (CCUN), New York (USA)
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The 2013 People’s Global Action on Migration, Development & Human Rights (PGA) is an independent civil society and grassroots event held in conjunction with the 2013 UN High Level Dialogue on Migration & Development (HLD).

Follow PSI's activities at the United Nations HLD on Migration and Development and PGA on Migration, Development & Human Rights: http://www.world-psi.org/en/issue/hld

Since the first HLD in 2006, the PGA has annually brought together grassroots migrant communities, migrant rights organizations, trade unions, faith groups, academia and civil society networks from around the world to share information, dialogue, strengthen analyses and develop joint positions on critical issues related to international migration. The PGA provides the space for communities to critically engage in the UN HLD process and to challenge neo-liberal economic policies that lead to forced migration and violations of migrant workers’ rights. A week-long programme of activities will include:

  • Labour-Community Rally and March across the Brooklyn Bridge (Wednesday, 2 October, 5pm at Foley Square)
  • Workshops, strategy sessions and forums to share analysis, organising and platform for migrants rights in the US and globally (1-4 October)
  • New York City site visits and exchanges with migrant community organisations
  • Migrant arts and activism – films, art, photography

PSI and its affiliates will be among the prime movers in the Labour-Community Rally and March at the Brooklyn Bridge. Likewise, PSI will be organising workshops at the PGA.

More information on the PGA at: http://hld2013.gcmigration.org/about-pga-2013/

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