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New Zealand

Double whammy hits TPPA

19 November 2013

‘Two king hits in one day for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a bad omen for chief negotiators and hundreds of officials as they head into a crunch meeting in Salt Lake City next week’, according to Auckland University Professor Jane Kelsey, who monitors the negotiations.


26 September 2013

Corruption is one of the sicknesses of our society. PSI believes that one of the best alternatives to austerity and cuts to public spending is to seriously fight against corruption. We also link this new PSI campaign against corruption to the fight for global tax justice.

Stand Up Conference in New Zealand: Modernising Unions to Connect with Young Workers

23 August 2013

On 10-11 July 2013, Stand Up, the youth union movement of the New Zealand Council Trade Unions, organised a two day conference on "Modernising Unions to Connect with Young Workers”, for more than 60 young unionists from across the country.

No Trade in Public Services

31 July 2013

The recent wave of trade agreements are direct threats to the provision of Quality Public Services. These new agreements encourage privatisation, restrict governments’ ability to regulate in the public interest and create new and powerful rights for large multinational corporations. They are also a threat to democracy and accountability of government. They are being negotiated in secret, without proper consultation and will bind future governments, often regardless of the decisions of national elections, parliaments and courts. PSI urges all affiliates to understand the implications and join our allies to oppose the harmful effects of these agreements.

LGBT Workers

06 June 2013

PSI is committed to equality for all irrespective of sex, marital status, ethnic origin, national identity, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion, at the workplace, in trade unions and in the broader political, social, economic and cultural context. LGBT workers’ rights are trade union rights, and trade union rights are human rights. Trade unions are committed to fight against discrimination and for an inclusive non-violent society.

PSI at the International Labour Conference (ILC)

14 May 2013

The 107th Session of the International Labour Conference will be held at the Palais des Nations and the ILO headquarters, in Geneva, from 28 May to 8 June 2018. PSI will be working in close cooperation with its affiliates and the Workers’ Group at the ILC to make the voices of public sector workers heard!

New Zealand Public Service Association celebrates 100th anniversary

29 April 2013
PSA centenary banner

This year the PSA celebrates its centenary. It’s a huge milestone for the union and a year-long programme of events has been organised across New Zealand.

The union has commissioned a centenary banner and published two books: an oral history of the PSA from 1984 to 2012, and a biography of one of the union’s most influential leaders, Dan Long, who was president (1958-60) and general secretary (1961-76).

New Zealand: Public service battles job cuts

31 August 2012
Parliament building Wellington, New Zealand

More than 500 people have lost their jobs government administration In New Zealand. The public sector union is questioning how far the government is willing to rundown the public service.