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Canada ready to recognize water as a human right

04 June 2012
After years of opposition, the Canadian government now says it will recognize the human right to water.

As United Nations member states gather in New York for a last-minute round of talks before Rio +20, Canada seems to have moved forward and being ready to recognise water as a human right, according to Embassy, Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly.

"Canada has, in previous years, expressed unease with the recognition of human right to water, because there hasn't been adequate clarity on exactly what the scope and the content of this right might be," says the Canadian Environment Minister, Peter Kent, to Embassy. Canada is prepared to join the discussion at Rio +20 which is taking place in Rio de Janeiro from June 20 to 22

Anil Naidoo, a representative for the Council of Canadians, where PSI-affiliated CUPE is a member says to Embassy that he welcomes Canada's change in position, "but cautiously."

"If this government is indeed shifting its position, we would certainly welcome that. We think that that puts Canada finally in line with the international community and our legal obligations," he says.

Furthermore he says tahat he is awaiting a public confirmation from the government, as it has changed its mind before.

Read the full article in Embassy


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