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  • A Just Transition based on social justice, and labour rights

    12 July 2018

    PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, took the floor at the UN High Level Political Forum during the review of SDG 7 Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

  • PSI holds two seminars on tax and trade in São Paulo

    11 July 2018

    With support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), the seminars discussed free trade agreements, the new methods employed by transnational companies (TNCs) to “capture” international organisations, corporate tax evasion and prospects for progressive tax reform.

  • Big Four accounting for influence

    11 July 2018

    We pay our taxes, so why don’t corporations? This new report shows how the four main accountant firms are embedded in EU policy-making on tax avoidance, and concludes that it is time to kick this industry out of EU anti-tax avoidance policy.

  • Lula still a prisoner despite granting of habeas corpus

    11 July 2018

    Sunday 8 July 2018 will go down in the history of Brazil as the day that proved the judiciary is engaged in the political persecution of ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

  • Global unions and civil society call for the World Development Report to be rewritten to promote decent work and inequality reduction

    10 July 2018

    The International Trade Union Confederation, six global union federations, including PSI and 75 organizations are calling on the World Bank to re-write the draft World Development Report 2019 to uphold decent work and inequality reduction. The Bank’s Board of Directors will discuss the draft on 12 July.

  • The right to water is a fundamental human right. No life without water.

    10 July 2018

    PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, took the floor at the UN High Level Political Forum during the first global review of SDG 6, water and sanitation, emphasising that, rather than promoting failed PPPs, the SDG process should look at public-public partnerships that are flourishing around the world.

  • Sustainable development needs fundamental policy changes

    09 July 2018

    New York, 9 July 2018: “The world is off-track in terms of achieving sustainable development and fundamental policy changes are necessary to unleash the transformative potential of the SDGs.” Global civil society report assesses obstacles and contradictions in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.