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  • Trade union movement rejects Turkey as a venue for the ILO European Regional Meeting

    18 August 2017

    Many trade unions have already clearly stated that they will not participate in the ILO European Regional Meeting in Istanbul in 2-5 October this year due to the worsening situation regarding freedom of speech and violation of fundamental labour and human rights in Turkey.

  • EPSU condemns terror in Barcelona. We stand with the workers and people in Spain

    18 August 2017

    First responders, firefighters, police and security forces, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and other medical staff, municipal workers and so many more public workers rushed in to secure, safe, help and care in unsecure and often dangerous situations. We applaud their work.

  • Social security workers hold rally on Public Service Day

    16 August 2017
    Health workers and trade unionists rally in São Paulo

    One of the highlights of the World Public Service Day, commemorated on 23 June, was the rally held in the centre of the city of São Paulo and organised by the National Confederation of Social Security Workers affiliated to the trade union centre CUT and by the São Paulo State Union of Public Sector Health Workers.

  • Support and solutions for psychological distress at work

    16 August 2017
    Man showing signs of stress and backache

    In Quebec, there is no end to reforms in the health and social services sector, which have an adverse psychological impact on the workforce. For more than 20 years, health workers have had to constantly adapt to new standards, guidelines and structures, as determined by different governments.

  • AFT demands Healthcare NOW!

    16 August 2017
    Randi Weingarten, President of AFT, at the protest in Washington

    “What do we want? Healthcare. When do we want it? Now!” These and other chants of protesters echoed off the white marble-clad U.S. Capitol during a recent protest led by Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

  • Brazil: Nursing in danger from government reforms

    16 August 2017
    Health workers demonstrate in São Paulo

    The national federation of nurses in Brazil (Federação Nacional dos Enfermeiros, FNE), has worked for many years to obtain better working conditions, fair working hours and decent pay for nurses across the country, including in São Paulo. Despite the economic crisis, it continues to fight on behalf of thousands of nurses to allow them a better quality of life which would also enable them to provide better care for patients.

  • Ukraine: the struggle for social dialogue in health reforms

    16 August 2017
    Participants from Ukrainian unions FPU and HWUU met the AFL-CIO representative

    On 2 August, Grygorii Osovyi, President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FPU) and Viktoriia Koval, President of the Health Workers’ Union of Ukraine (HWUU), her deputy Iryna Shvets, and FPU staff members met Tristan Masat, AFL-CIO Solidarity Center Country Program Director to discuss the current state of the healthcare system in Ukraine.