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  • Continuing professional development and life-long learning

    16 August 2017
    There were around 100 participants at the conference

    EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) and HOSPEEM (European Hospital and Healthcare Employers’ Association) organised a two-day Conference on Continuing Professional Development in Amsterdam, on 19-20 June, with the theme: “Working together, learning together – Switching to the learning mode.”

  • Kerala nurses take on powerful private hospital industry

    16 August 2017
    Health worker in India prepares to vaccinate baby

    On 20 July 2017, nurses from the southern Indian State of Kerala achieved an inspiring victory resulting in a substantial increase in wages. This was after a month long struggle, during which they stood resolute against all efforts by the private hospitals industry to break their will.

  • Charlottesville: AFSCME condemns "Nazi white nationalists"

    16 August 2017
    Photo: Rodney Dunning/Flickr/CC

    PSI's affiliate, which has been on the front lines of civil rights and racial justice struggles for decades, has condemned the hateful acts displayed at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, August 12.

  • Korean unions win Tripartite Cooperation

    16 August 2017
    KHMU met with employer and government representatives

    Korean health unions are very satisfied with the new spirit of of tripartite social dialogue in the country, which on 12 July led to the signing of a collective agreement at Green hospital in Seoul to: increase staffing levels; create more jobs by fully implementing nursing/caregiving integrated services; create jobs by shortening working hours and regularize the employment of workers on contract jobs in hospitals.

  • Advocating for quality healthcare and working conditions in DRC

    16 August 2017
    Participants discussed health challenges in DRC

    The health workers’ union, SOLSICO, organized a public discussion forum on health in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More than 150 participants from government, health unions, employers, international organisations and civil society discussed three themes: the health system in the DRC and its challenges, the right to health, and the determinants of health.

  • Workers' rights improve healthcare delivery

    16 August 2017
    Dr Salameh Abu Zooiter

    Health care is a measure of human development. When we analyse the health situation in the Arab countries, it soon becomes clear that there are obstacles to obtaining quality healthcare for all. Those most in need of health services, the poor and disabled, do not receive the essential care they deserve.

  • Liberia: Trade unions and CSOs moving forward together

    14 August 2017
    Workshop on Tax Justice in Liberia

    The PSI Ebola Response Strategy, focusing on argumentation, networking and lobby work, is almost coming to an end, and the participating unions are still as active as ever. In Liberia, where the PSI affiliates set up a wide collaboration between trade unions and civil society organisations, the Project Management Committee (PMC) with representatives of NAHWAL, NTUPAW, CTIL, CSA and HRM organised two workshops to boost the expertise and means of action of the broad network.