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  • Corporate power threatens women's human rights

    12 July 2017

    New York, 12 July 2017:  Corporate power threatens  women´s human rights by promoting a race to the bottom in labour standards and avoiding taxes in the countries where  profits are obtained, concludes the report Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017, in its analysis of the fifth Sustainable Development Goal which promises to achieve gender equality by 2030 and empower all women and girls.

  • World Bank plan to mobilize “trillions” will not help the poor

    11 July 2017

    Global Spotlight Report says that the proposed “cascade” of private financing for infrastructure will result in more corruption, high fees for essential services, and massive resource transfers to the rich from the poor.

  • Trade Unions Question the Asian Mega Free Trade deal RCEP

    11 July 2017

    On Saturday 8 July, more than 40 representatives of trade unions encompassing a wide range of sectors in manufacturing, services and the informal economy met in Hyderabad to take a view on the implications for workers of the negotiations for a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP) treaty between 16 Asian countries, including India.

  • Civil society groups reclaim policies for the public

    07 July 2017

    Launching on the opening day of the High Level Political Forum at the United Nations in New York this new global report assesses how privatization and corporate capture have become obstacles to progress under the 2030 Agenda.

  • Over 250 NGOs launch alternative vision for Europe

    07 July 2017

    More than 250 non-government organisations from across Europe have today released an alternative vision for a more democratic, just and sustainable Europe.

  • How TiSA could be used to entrench corporate rule in the Trump era

    05 July 2017

    A new study, co-published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, examines the adverse impacts on public services and public interest regulation of the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), quietly being negotiated in Geneva by a group of 23 governments

  • Privatization Watch - 05/2017

    05 July 2017
    An overview of global trends in privatization of public services. Privatization Watch - Issue 05/2017.