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Algeria: national strike declared by the federation of municipal workers

05 July 2016
The Federation of Municipal Workers, member of the National Autonomous Union of Public Administration Personnel (SNAPAP) and the Autonomous General Confederation of Workers in Algeria (CGATA), is on strike since 27 June. So far the participation rate is estimated to 65 to 70% of the workforce.

In a joint statement, the SNAPAP and CGATA said, "the incumbent authorities (Ministry of Internal Affairs) continue its policy of deaf ears and closed doors in connection to social dialogue, which increase our determination to carry on with the pressure until ours demands are fulfilled".

To end the strike, they demand:

  1. The release of grants and compensation for civilian staff,
  2. Employing all contracted and CDD workers.
  3. The revision of the system of subsidies and compensation of municipal workers.
  4. Ending all kinds of humiliation and injustice against municipal workers and to improve their professional and social situation.
  5. The cancellation of the decision to suspend the early or partial retirement, which should be considered as an entitlement for workers.

In addition, SNAPAP and CGATA invite these municipal workers to carry on their participation in the strike until these demands are fulfilled.

Access here the communiqué in Arabic.


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